Thursday, December 14, 2017


I thing I can't  make it to the 25 maybe I will finish them in January, I know the time is not good ,making christmas cards when is already pass ,but well I maybe just finish them for me , to feel the I complete something else is packing day I will travel from Saudi to a colder lands, hope the jacket keep me warm I don't like cold at all, and what is worst I am not used to
In another note . while I am doing this challenge at the same time I am doing one that my husband ask me to see if I can ..and I have to prove him the I can do everything ...well no everything ,but close ..he dare me to not buy any craft item or supplies in 4 months ..can you believe it, I don't think I can , but I am going to try for sure ..and not cheating ...I hope , because I can used the all trick , "that...That is old" ...wink wink .

this card can be make using simple squares and rectangles in different colors or pattern papers, but if you have the die cut is piece of cake.

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