Thursday, January 18, 2018


I don't know what is so charming of making coffee cards ,but the true is the is enchanting , I love to make coffee cards I mean Cards related to coffee< the funny thing is the I can't drink coffee , one time the I drink it , I have to be rush to the hospital with a tachycardia and because I was not thinking that it was related to the coffee I drink again this time the beaten in my heart was very fast I can feeling in my earns , but I dint went to the hospital I just didn't sleep for 3 days and I clean my house super fast I dint know what was goin on with me ....well was the coffee and for that reason I can't drink it. and because of the reaction i get paranoid and now I don't even like the smell make nervous , BUT THE CARDS is a whole different story, I love love love coffee cards ..not smell not taste just paper, stamps,die cuts, markers, etc etc .

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


I get this set of stamps long ago and finally get the chance to play with them I was previously make a card for happy new year, but sadly didn't get the time to do it .. maybe this year , but well I get to make one that work for valentine and a lot of others occasions


Yes my first one and I love to work with this die cut , at the beginning it look complicated , but after you finish is piece of cake and you stay with the ice to make more and more I suggest the you try it is like I always say sooo much fun

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


I have so much fin making this ice creams I get to play with my alcohol inks again thing the I always love to do, but normally i used my results as a background for my cards this time i decide to used them different, because when I was trying to do layers and layers in one paper with my alcohol ink, the colors and the ripples they all look like a melting ice cream

Sunday, January 14, 2018


Long time with out making a challenge lets see if I get the time to do more I love this challenge they get you inspire when you are stuck in what to do

Sorry for the lighting in the pictures I am fro real not good at taking pictures is lucky for me when I get a goos one,, but hey Ian learning a little bit more everyday.


This tags nice because you can have the tag and the magnet or give the tag away and keep the magnet
was a little bit of work to figure the way to make it work but I guess i turn out good

Friday, January 12, 2018


For this card I want my stamp bigger , because sometimes I make bigger cards I tent to do this with easy stamps to fussy cut nothing intricate, I love miniatures but I don't know for what reason I love big cards I guess maybe because they are east to colored or because you can decorated more I do not know but the true is the more I make them the more I like them.