Saturday, May 19, 2018


I combine two of my potions hereto doll making and  card making now I want more

Monday, May 14, 2018


I love this Blog It challenge you to combine colors and sometimes is harder than it looks and sometimes they give you colors the in my mind I will never used together , but when I do it the look soooo good the I want to used them again and again , if I love love the combination I will keep it in a folder to get inspired and still trying to combine the colors as best as I can


Long time with out participating in a challenge, I think for now on I will do more , because I fill they keep you up with what is going on and connect it to other amazing artist , I see a lot of artist working in YouTube for several years I have just  started  doing tutorial videos in that platform , but I being working in art and craft for more than 40 years is for that I thing this challenges are good , because a lot of those artist are not seeing it is not for their blogs and sometimes find those blogs is very difficult, and with the challenges you can find a lot of them in just one place, I will try to keep connect to the challenges and the amazing artist around the world that keep us inspired.

Saturday, May 12, 2018


this card is easy than I expect and like I always said I need more time to try more things or one thing more times


Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Hello , I want to talk about markers and masking fluid , The markers are great the only bad thing is when you finish you need to get new ones no refills , I hope they las longer because bothe the Mermaids and the spectrum are amazing .
Now the masking fluid I have to try the blue and the pink to see how it goes with those two, because with the yellow one in no so good and also with good quality watercolor paper I didn't like the results, but i will still trying until I find the perfect combination for the watercolor paper.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018


This stamp set is incredible I just fall in love with this stamp set and I always say this I will make more and more I hope I just get time ,because I can make cards , but I can't make time

I love the color of her apron I think I want to try to make her with lighter colors and maybe I will change her hair will see


this two frogs playing and floating in the water having so much fun , they just screaming SUMMEEEEERRRR , love summer, even here where I live because summer here are super hoy and super humid  but I do not mind because is a time to relax be at home and make more cards, sometimes during summer the temperature here go all the way up to 45 C and I read the most high temperature register was 45 years ago and was 53 C WOW like I said time to stay home and craft OH YEAH!

this card was inspired by the corrugated paper I just find in a store here in Saudi and they have different packages with deferents color I just bought one because I want to try first , for sure I will go back and get the other colors, you will see me using this paper again and again